The new YouTube era [How to create a youtube channel]

The new YouTube era [How to create a youtube channel]

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How to create youtube channel

Do you want to be a YouTuber? YouTube is the biggest network website with huge content of movies and views above 30 million (!) a day. This is a great opportunity to advertise anything. You can let people know about brand new product of your company and present its unique points, you can advertise an awesome event which you are organizing in fun way to make people want to join it. All of this create opportunities. YouTube is not only fun way to spend your free time but also to make money. The only thing you really need is knowledge how to make a youtube video.


When your channel is popular, you can get partnership and get money from certain actions you take on your channel. This could be displaying ads on the bottom part of your screen so whenever its clicked on by your viewer, you get some small amount of money. Many viewers on your channel is higher possibility of this little ad getting clicked on, therefore on getting your money. There is also a thing called product placement. It’s a small thing that you add on your video to advertise product you were asked to. For example, when you are advertising for Pepsi you can just casually drink a can of soda while doing stuff on your video and people won’t even notice, but this action will get you paid as you were promised in the deal. Of course, it’s not that simple. You can’t just create YouTube channel and start getting paid right away. You need to make your way through all the people who thought exactly that.

create a youtube channel

How to make a youtube video? It’s more important thing for you. Easier to regularly get audience to watch your videos while you have proper content and people get notifications of your videos. The logical thinking here is simple. More subscribers – more views on your videos – more money for you. There is one more thing worth mentioning – AdSense.

How to stand out on youtube and earning real money

What exactly is it? It’s a program managed by Google that allows content creators to put automatical image and video advertises on their website in order to gain money from people clicking on them.

AdSense is very strict about their policies, so be sure to keep up with their official guide.

How it works? Create a youtube channel and you need to be above the age of 18 to set up your account. Then, you connect your YouTube account with AdSense and provide requested information. Now, it’s just about the patience. They need to approve your account and make sure everything is correct. This process may be quite lengthy but it’s all about the quality.

Youtube statistics

Lets talk about some YouTube statistics and YouTube facts also ways to get more subscribers.

It was created by three former PayPal employee: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005 (14 years ago).
It was intended when the friends had troubles with sharing some of their videos, especially the one of an accident which had occurred at Steve’s mansion, but Karim who didn’t attend the party denied it had occurred.
Karim said, that the inspiration first came from Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident when her breasts were exposed during her performance.

Youtube facts

“Gangnam Style” by Psy – first YouTube video clip to reach 1 billion views

There are actually a few youtube true facts that could help you.

Half of YouTube viewers are on mobile. You have to keep that in mind when you put these annotations below the video. Understand that people will most likely not read the description when being on mobile, so why will you not just use cards instead to gain their attention?

Facebook still has got more users. It’s clear and evident that YouTube is still in expanding phase and it’s hard to find people not using it, but according to statistics, Facebook still comes out ahead.

82% of U.S. internet users between 14 and 17 use YouTube. 4 out of 5 teenagers in room will talk about YouTube and trending stuff. As we teach on how to create YouTube channel, you can use that information when targeting a niche with your products. It’s not that hard to persuade children to buy your awesome stuff, just make it visible and suitable for their needs.

And do you know any weird youtube facts that occured in 2019?

Youtube statistics

Amazing numbers

The most subscribed channel belongs to PewDiePie – a Swedish video producer mostly known for his Let’s play commentaries and Vlogs.
How many subscribers has he got would you ask, well the number is astonishing: 54,415,758.
These numbers are crazy just as his net worth: over 20 million $ gained mostly from his YouTube channel.

Total number of monthly active users: 1.9 bilion
Total number of daily active youtube users: 30+ milion
YouTube TV paying subscribers: 300 000
Numbers of videos shared to date: 5+ billion
Average time of watching videos: 40 minutes
How many videos are being watched daily: 5 billions
How much time of videos is uploaded in one minute: 300 hours


62% of YouTube users are men. What is funny and maybe surprising, 80% of YouTube users come from outside of USA.

YouTube talking about the big money

Youtube was bought out by google for astronomical price – over 1.6 billion dollars. They decided to purchase the American video-sharing website in order to combine their search engine with the expansive library of the white-red giant. Annual revenue of Google topped 110 billion dollars this year, while YouTube managed to do around 15 billion dollars in annual sales.

Highest paid YouTubers made a combined total of 127 million dollars

Getting into the business

So you are wondering if this whole YouTube stuff could help you with branding and promoting your business, aren’t you? Well it’s a smart move if you do this the right way, our way. It’s time to put on your director’s hat and sit in the chair.

First, you will actually need to create brand new business channel. The list goes this way:

  1. First you have to create YouTube channel
  2. Sign into YouTube on a computer or laptop
  3. Go to your channel list
  4. Create a new channel by clicking on the big button
  5. Fill out he details, name your channel and verify it, then just click done.
  6. You can also add channel manager and change the owner if you wish to.

You got it now? Congratulations! You’ve just made your first business YouTube channel. Now what you want to do is fill the “About” section. This will be the first option to see after you sign into your account. In this place, you should describe your brand, your ideas, what are the things you are seeling or services you are providing. This section may also be used to invite people to your other social medias, like instagram, twitter, pinterest or even link your website. This description will be visible in more than on place in your channel, so be sure to make it right.

how to create youtube channel

The second part is the graphics of your panel. Here you can put your logos or other graphic arts connected with your brand. You may want to consider it as a cover of the book you are trying to sell. Don’t slack on the graphics as people are visualizers – they will first notice the drawings and paintings, then they will notice the texts. So if you are not gifted with some sense of arts, hire a professional, this is probably the best thing you can do for your business.

Get to know market you want to rush in and the right content type

You want to start this YouTube channel for your own business, so you should have enough materials to work with, you can approach making videos in more than one way. If you are releasing some more complex product, the proper thing to do may be creating a tutorial on how to use the product. What about showing off great reviews of the previous version? The testimonials may be the right way. Your channel content may resonate with different consuments, don’t forget about it and try to play around with this information.

Since you are smart about your business – because let’s face it, many of the business owners don’t even bother about some internet stuff and yet here you are, trying to get into the big fancy world of cybernetics, you should have already done the demographics studies. The more accurate your target will be, the less money you will have to spend on advertising and with higher accuration.

Lights, camera, action!

Let’s be real here. If you want to be professional about your business, hire a professional. If you feel like you can do it on your own, because you have some experience and you’ve worked with this kind of stuff – sure go for it! But otherwise, leave it for someone who knows the business, because badly done video may even discourage some potential clients. The smart thing to do here is to create a trailer for your channel. These should be short and make good introduction for new visitors. You can show the audience what kind of content you will put out there, what kind of business you are running and so on.

Further plans

If you want to generate traffics on your YouTube channel, you will have to put out your videos consistently. Make it a schedule for you, to put a video every week or two and stick to it.

The traffic will not just come in randomly (even thought it could, it’s less likely to happen). You have to work for it. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works also in this case. You will have to fill the fields like title, description and tags, these are here to help you in making your video more visible, not just to give you more work so use them and take advantage.

This is very similar to SEO stuff you have probably done on your own website. YouTube search engine has it’s own algorithms, which decide which video should top the list, and which one should go to the void. It’s worth noting, that YouTube is connected with it’s bigger brother search engine – google, so if you do the right things, you will be able to find your videos both on YouTube and Google search rankings.

Connect your YouTube, social media and the website

The traffic may come from everywhere, you just have to do a little work to let people know that you actually exist in the internet. If you already have your brand’s website, it is easy to connect it with your other platforms. You can put a little box with info “You can also find us @Twitter, @Instagram, @YouTube” or wherever you have set up your account. This will make it possible for people to check out your social media and maybe find some review or product they might be interested in.

Also, if you actually listened to the advices that were given few hundered words back, your videos should look neat and why possibly wouldn’t you use them on your website? This may show people that you are a professional and you are worth their time and money. Add the latest product review on the main page to let people know about it and create even more hype!

Blog about it – If you, by some possibility have personal blog, you might want to tell something about back scenes of this whole venture. People may be curious about the back stages, how you shoot your videos, the montage, the scenery. This also creates the buzz connected with your person and with your brand. You want to represent it on daily basis so more people will discover it.

Get to know your community

You want to show people that you and the people you are woking with are no just a bunch of robots, but actual people made from flesh and bones. This approach might provide people with informations that you are here to help them and be friendly, so they will have no worries to come into your office with some business or purchase proposal.

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