How to start YouTube live streaming and why You should be doing it [5 quick tips]

How to start YouTube live streaming and why You should be doing it [5 quick tips]

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New era of YouTube live streaming

At first, people didn’t want to spend huge money on new games they had no idea about besides trailers, so they were watching other people playing. That’s how let’s play era started. Later on, people actually enjoyed watching others playing games, that YouTube live streaming came in. People could actually watch other people playing, support them by donations and actually interact with their idols in a fun way, because donation texts were read by computer right on the stream. At present time, we have daily over milion unique viewers watching others playing which make it more fun for both sides.

Pros of streaming on YouTube

There are many. First off, if you already had subscribers attached to your content, then they will surely enjoy you live streaming. This may pay off with even 500 viewers at start, depending on your fanbase.

Secondly, streaming on YouTube is very easy and intuitive. You can use software of your choice to stream your activities.

Thirdly, You can do mobile streaming using your iphone or ipad.

Lastly, you can monetize your streaming.

How to start YouTube live streaming?

YouTube live streaming

Start with creating an account on YouTube. In your account page, you have to click on the Stream now link, then name your stream and choose software on your own, and it’s done!

Streaming games may take some time and at first you might feel like this isn’t right and you are not getting any further with your viewers, but as long as you have fun with it, you are good to go.

YouTube live streaming

Gain Youtube fanbase

Gathering YouTube fanbase might seem to be problematic at first, but it’s not as hard as you might think. It’s all about marketing and putting your social media in work. Don’t save your money when it comes to cool graphic you might put to attract new viewers.

YouTube video making

When you start doing anything new, you don’t usually know where to begin. Unless you have some mentor to help you out, you either try and fail or find information on internet or in books. Starting new hobby is not an easy thing. Some people would like to spend enormous money right of the bat on the gear they don’t really need as beginners. What happens next is they drop the hobby after the week or two, wasting a lot of money on gear they won’t ever use again. This is why we came up with this guide, to make sure you have what it takes to start YouTube video making on high level without spending huge money.

YouTube video making

YouTube equipment

You can’t really start making videos without a camera right? From our research, most professionals would reccomend using DSLR camera in the beginning equipment, which is not too expensive, but it maintains best quality for that price.

If you intend to make outdoor videos, you can invest money in a tripod. This will make sure your videos won’t be shaky (even though You can work on shaking screen later in proper software)

If You recorded 5 hours of content, You can’t really expect viewers to watch it all, unless what You put is essential gear info and You have commited fanbase – which is not the case when You are starting. Make you sure you can properly cut and edit Your videos with the right software. We are using Adobe Premiere Pro in our montage.

YouTube video making

Best of both worlds

Making YouTube videos on professional level may take some time from you to master, but when achieved it can proceed to make astonishing impression. And you don’t even need expensive gear! Some of my friends who make 100 000 views on most of their videos were comfortable with using iPhone as a camera for their shooting. Gear is not what makes you shoot good videos, it’s hard work and dedication.

Camera for live streaming

Obviously, if you want to record anything you need a camera. You could use your phone or tablet camera, but let’s be serious here, you want quality and professional look. There is no need to buy the most expensive DSLR in the store, anything recording in HD will be enough, have in mind it’s 1080p.

There are many quality webcams and camcorders in reasonable price. DSLR and mirrorless cameras would be a great purchase when upgrading or really having solid plans on expanding the internet career.

You can check out different types of cameras in the short profile list below

  1. Camcorders – these are specifically designed just to record videos in sufficient quality. Modern cameras are compact, lightweight and affordable. You can just throw it in your bag and go. Just pull it out of your bag and shoot anything you want while being outdoors. You can catch awesome moments which will nicely fill blank spaces in between the main scenes.
    • Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder – 57 x advanced zoom, 3.28 megapixels, DV 4 image processor.
  2. Webcam
    • PAPALOOK HD 1080p Webcam AF925
    • Logitech HD pro webcam C920
  3. Action Camera
    • Yi Lite Action Camera, Sony Sensor 16 MP
    • Yi 4k Action and Sports camera
  4. Mirrorless Camera
    • Y1 M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 42.5 mm F 1.8 Lens Storm
    • Sony Alpha a 6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera
  5. DSLR
    • Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit [EOS Rebel T6]
    • Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera
    • Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera Dual Lens Kit

Hand held camera or GO Pro might be useful here due to lightweighness and compactibility.

External microphone

Okay, so we don’t have to worry about video quality, now let’s focus on the other important sense – hearing. People will love the fancy editing and montage, but if audio is terrible, nobody will actually even bother to watch your whole video – and this is what we are aiming for. You can use your built-in laptop microphone or iphone recorder, but as said before – it will not attract people.

There are different types of microphones, so you have to be aware of what your goals is, what will your recording environment look like.

  • Dynamic microphone – these are most versitale and reliable. It will sustain different pressure levels and voltage levels provided by electrical amplifire. Incoming sound waves will hit the mic diaphgram making it vibrate.
  • Condenser microphone – this construction is coming right after dynamic microphones in terms of popularity. These are less durable due to more interesting internals, but with this comes the advance – great quality. Most podcasts are recorded with these, as the quality of sound is astonishing. The voice is clean, there are no disortions. If you want to do detailed audio – this should be your choice.

YouTube live streaming

  • Ribbon microphone – this version is thinner, it was implemented in early 70s and used a lot in recording studios. The frequency response is also on high level. These are often considered as the most natural sounding recorders, making it often choice of amateurs.

So you may wonder now, which microphone you should choose? We won’t make that decision for you, but we may help you with narrowing possibilities. Here are few good choices based on former experience of our team:

  • Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone
  • Studio Microphone, ZealSound Condenser Studio Microphone with Built-in Sound Card and Echo Effect
  • Wireless Microphone,FIFINE Handheld Dynamic Microphone Wireless mic System
  • TONOR Professional Studio Condenser Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone
  • Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Vocal Microphone

Gimbal or tripod

Okay, so as you are going through this part of article, the video and audio choice should’ve already been made. Now let’s focus on making the video right way. If you make your video shakey and unsteady, this will dramatically reduce the visual output of video for the viewer. You can make it right in post video editor, but there will be some costs, you have to crop part of image. You can avoid that by using gimbal or tripod. These devices will be able to stabilize the video for you while recording. Gimbal’s construction is pretty complicated, so we will not cover it in that article, if you want to you can check the YouTube channel. 3 axis stabilizer will make it sure that your video won’t be shaky nor jarring.


These are more affordable, since the price can stay below 100$ and it can still do pretty good job – depending on the environment you want to shoot your video. It’s advised though to spend a little more extra cash on something reliable and more durable, since you will probably use this tool for at least few years.

YouTube live streaming


Lighting is necessary if you want to record indoor or in any place where it’s dark. Reason is simple – the video will not be able to adapt to the scenery just as your eyes can. And even if you can get some ambient light, you could always add a little touch of artificial lighting to make it look even better.

Softbox – it can radiate the warm, soft light just like from window. This is perfect choice, if you wish to record a video without harash visible light and shadows. The prices usually go below 100$.

Umbrella light – inexpensive and portable choice, giving the similar possibilities to softboxes.

Ring light – these things are usually used by vloggers and youtubers, our research reveals that PewDiePie is also using these. The prices also won’t go above 100$ if you do not want to spend that much money.

Video editing software

This is where things may get fun. Depending on your personal choice and financial situation, you can have few options. You can hire a professional to edit your videos – this option is least time consuming and less irritating (why? we will get to that in a second). You just have to send a video to editor, tell him your vision and wait for the answer. Voila, you’ve got beautiful video. Cons? Price – they will usually charge from few hundered bucks to few thousands, depending on how much editing you want and how long is your material. You can buy software and learn it by yourself – this one may also be expensive, since these applications are expensive, and sometimes you can’t just buy them, but you have to pay the subscription. Also the learning curve here is huge. Statistics show that you can get profficient at the video montage and post production after 6 months, depending on software you are using, but most people who start usually give up. The software you can start from may be Adobe Premiere Elementals – this is very popular choice due to intuitive interface and not that high of a price. It provides very usable tools and great range of editing options. Rendering is also easy, you can compress the videos after in order to save some space on your fancy SSD disk.

To sum things up, there are a lot of things you will want to purchase in order to start your dream YouTube live streaming career. Nobody said it would be that hard and expensive, right?

Right camera to capture the moments you want in your life. Whether it’s video shoot in your basement where your parents keep and feed you, or it is in some cabin in woods where you invited your friends without telling them that the guy you put in jail 20 years ago is actually out and seeking for you.

Microphone to capture the dumb joke your brother said at the dinner table during thanksgiving, because you tricked him into it before.

Stabilizer to make your video less shaky.

Lighting to not make it looking like you are recording from some dark room with no electricity. You will actually want to provide your viewers and subscribers with quality.

At first you may be reserving with your money. Do complete reasearch and count both your money and  blessings, choose whatever is most suitable for you, don’t get into these fancy promotional and marketing stuff, be bold and have boundaries so you will not have to get a loan from your parents, friends or siblings.

Take care young streamer, good luck!

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