How to become popular on YouTube [5 useful tips]

How to become popular on YouTube [5 useful tips]

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Basics of YouTube marketing

It’s not a mystery that people always choose fun over boredom. That’s why internet users love the YouTube. Just imagine a situation where you want to find out something about certain topic for example math. You could go to the library, find some textbook and start studying. Most likely you will get bored instantly or fall asleep after 5 minutes. But now imagine that you find a video on YouTube on the same topic made by someone who puts it out in a fun way, making fun metaphors and being passionate about it. Which one sounds better? Of course, the second one. But YouTube isn’t only about learning new stuff. It’s also a fun way to spend your free time, you can watch funny videos, listen to music or discover some new topic you didn’t even know that existed before. For this reason so many people are wondering how to become popular on YouTube. More informations here.

Almost 1/3 time spent by people on internet is counted as browsing and watching YouTube videos. You can post for free and achieve access to more than billion users.

YouTube is also considered as a search engine – it’s a huge opportunity to improve your rankings and brand presence.

When it comes to roles on your YouTube account, you have three options. Owner – who has all the power to manage the account, manager – they have same powers, but they can’t add or remove other moderators, and communications manager – they can respond to reviews etc. with no ability to upload content or view the analytics.

How to get big YouTube channel?

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First and foremost, you need to identify your needs. What are your purposes? What do you want to achieve?

For example, you may want to reduce the amounts of helpline calls by putting a instructional video.

Think about that, run a brainstorm meeting with your partners, analyze your situation. Do you need to find more customer through the web or have better conversion ratio (viewers/buyers)?

Be relevant for the culture and niche you are working at. Always check the most up to date articles, all the nuances. Check the “trending” page on YouTube. Keep abreast of few star youtubers, even if they aren’t working on exactly the same thing you want to hit.

If your channel isn’t representing professional brand or company, you can catch the wave of other viral videos. It’s easy to make response video or parody to videos that are on top at the moment.

Make sure your video has the user’s name in the title, or title of the video you are responding to. Don’t forget to use the right tags, you can check the most popular right now on analytics or twitter.

Make specific plans

Now take a sheet of paper or open a text editor on your computer and write down your goals. Think about when do you want to achieve it and how much time do you want to spend on getting popular channel on YouTube.

You can also use Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Best way to not forget about you plans and tasks is to turn on notifications.

What I’ve found useful is to divide your planning into 3 part system. I first catch the idea and put it into evernote. It’s like a notebook but digital, on your phone and laptop. The free version is allowing you to put up to 2 devices. I stack my ideas there when I’m out, and when I’m back home I put it into my Google Tasks, then I also put the exact time into Google Calendar so I get the notification before.

The hardest part as always is the beginning. To drop your old habits and get used to this new stuff is tough, and I know it. But trust me, it’s worth your while as you will see your work more organized and easier to manage.

Choose specific group

Sit down and think about the group of people you want to address with your video. You want to make video about make up reviews and guides? Your group of choice would be teenage and adolescent girls, and you need to aim for their attention. Cars and repairs? Probably 30+ men.

If you make videos for younger audience, you can use some cartoonish video editing. The more mature audience will surely enjoy good editing and some fresh jokes. Just find the balance between being serious and making them laugh!

Choose your strategy on how to become popular on YouTube

Make a short or long term plan and stick to it. The decision of short term or long term may be helpful with choosing platform you want to move by.

Although most popular, YouTube isn’t the only video platform you may want to work with. Facebook videos are also quite popular, especially combined with share option. Same goes to Twitter and Instagram, you may want to think about that.

Meet your fans face to face on gatherings! It’s best way to make your viewers feel important to you, and you can present as normal person, not some fancy star who is so arrogant. If you have troubles with social anxiety or being good with people in general, you have to check out the awesome book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Focus on the content

The content of your videos should be motivated by other decisions mentioned before. What do you want to achieve with this certain clip? Is it gaining more subscribers and make you become popular on YouTube? Is it the amount of new people finding out about your business? This may be the key to choose the content.

Collaborate with other people doing videos. It’s awesome way to cooperate with someone and cross both your viewers! It’s beneficial for you and the other person, as your subscribers may not be familliar with his channel, and vice versa!

If you contact someone, make sure you have some plan on the collaboration. Have few ideas, and detail them, make the guidelines so you can express them to your mate. If he doesn’t like the one idea, it’s better chance to get it with the next one. Be patient and don’t get mad if sometimes the idea will fall off. People are different and you won’t get along with everybody.

How to get YouTube views

It’s easy to create your own YouTube channel. It’s all about filling in few fields and voila. If you want to exist on YouTube and get YouTube views you have to streamline your uploads.  Your every video is a form of answer to users needs and comments. Keep that in mind. Before you even start uploading your videos think about what people want to see. Take a piece of paper and write down some ideas of what you think would they enjoy. Then, look at stuff on your sheet and think about what you would enjoy talking about and doing. Of course it’s not obligatory but it may help. There are people passionate about something and they focus on presenting it out there, which is probably best way to how to get views on YouTube, but don’t worry if that’s not your case. It’s helpful but you can still grind your way to the top by being consistent and keeping it professional.

YouTube Trends might be a useful tool. It presents most popular clips and other externals apps like Social Bakers, where you can compare popularity of other trends in many categories.

Should I create YouTube account for my business?

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Well, it depends. If don’t have plan for your videos and you just want to make channel and upload a clip once a month then it would be better if you didn’t. The only option to promote YouTube channel is regular placement of various content.

You should find and contact someone who makes reviews of stuff and his channel is popular and make a deal with him to advertise for you.

There is no doubt if you commit, you get the fruits.

If you are not sure how the professional channel is supposed to look, we’ve made short list for you

  1. GoPro – their marketing is actually amazing. People are allowed to send the company their own videos with some extreme stuff they are doing. Sports, amazing landscapes, amazing moments you wouldn’t believe someone would’ve caught on camera – you name it. They just put go pro intro and outro and voilà. This method is just genus, they don’t even have to spend money on marketing – people will do it for them!
  2. Playstation – all these teasers for sweet, sweet games on Playstation, people are craving for them and waiting just to be able to spend some money on these games or DLCs.
  3. Warner Bros. Pictures – trailers for latest movies, behind the scenes, interviews with actors, they’ve got it all.

I’ve got an idea how to start with YouTube. Now what? How to get YouTube views?

get youtube views

Just showing up on YouTube is a good idea. You get an access to millions of users who may get to know your brand and treat it serious. It’s not only platform to watch people fail while performing or listen to music. People come here to decide on what computer to buy, how to do your make up.

Whether you want to make your video funny or serious, depends on the group of people you are aiming.

If you want to promote your company through the channel, your clips have to look professional, to make people trust you and get more views on YouTube.

Upload content as often as you can, but what is more important, be consistent with it. If you put video everyday for a week and you burn out for the rest of the month, you need to change the way. Make promise to your audience that you put video or two every week and stick to it.

It’s awesome idea to put a background photo on your channel and put some information about how often you post videos on one of the corners. It will encourage some of the new viewers to hit the subscribe button – they will know what to expect and if they see on your timeline that you are actually sticking to what you told them, they will simply trust you.

How to promo my YouTube channel?

how to get views on youtube

You can choose either paid or free ways to promote your movies.

If you want to build your brand quickly and effectively it’s always worth to invest in ads. If you don’t plan on spending much money, but you have time and creativity it’s better to leave it for yourself:

  • Promote your movies on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Bonus points if you have Facebook page and you keep posting on it.
  • Look for all kinds of forums about the topic your channel is about. If people ask for some advice and your video might be helpful, don’t hesitate to post it.
  • Follow other channels similar to yours and post your videos in commends and encourage people to visit your page.
  • Tag your videos properly so they will be easier to find through google in order to get subscribers for youtube.

Your clips should generate action. You need to tell viewer or suggest what do you expect from him. Let him know where can he find ever more information about your product and give him link to your store.

Conclusion on how to get YouTube views

We gave you the ways and ideas we’ve found useful in our joruney with YouTube. This has been developed by many people, not only our team members, but we’ve tested it in our channels and our students’ channels. Results were astonishing. If you will be commited to this, there is no way you won’t succeed. Feel free to check other articles on our website. We have our experts ready to answer questions, and there is tons of free content for you just to take advantage of.

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