Long time no see readers. Our team was extremely busy lately but we came up with another article on how to improve your YouTube Channel. Digital marketing is the way to go now as old school cold calls and traditional marketing became obsolete and not very effective. There are other platforms than YouTube, for example Vimeo, Flickr or Blip but without a doubt YouTube is the way to go as the daily viewers count is about 1.9 billion.

Breaking it down

While browsing internet and discussion forums you may come across various topics. You may also notice, that the topic you are skimming through right now is related somehow to one of the videos you have recently uploaded. It’s a great idea to share your video at a specific time when you are discussing the answer to the question that has been asked.

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You can simply click on a Share link menu, and with video stopped at the desired time, check the box Start at ‘x’, and copy the link from bar above. This way, the potential viewer will have easier time to jump right into the desired part of the video and will make him more likely to check out the rest of your channel.

Getting the writing done

If you are serious about your YouTube channel and the subscriber gain, you will carefully plan your content and be smart about how you shoot your videos. Most of people write out the outline of their video, and some actually write the whole transcript of what they will say during the video, which is a great idea if you are not naturally born charismatic speaker. If you already have transcript of your video, you can actually put it on YouTube for people who have hearing difficulties or people who have troubles understanding english, as it may both help them understand words and translate the text (automatically, you don’t have to do it yourself). This also helps in finding your video through search engines, as people may find your video when typing in a keyword that is contained in your transcript. YouTube will automatically create transcripts for your videos and you may review them in order to correct some errors. You may also use this trick as a way to get transcript for your video without actually sharing the video. Just upload it and keep it private.

Getting organised

If you like having your things organised in real life, you can also do it on YouTube. And it helps your viewers in checking out your content. For example, if you have a series of videos that are about simmilar topic, like cooking guides or maybe workout techniques, you can put them in specific playlists! This way, your viewer will have the way to go through all your videos about that topic without having to browse through your channel and look for the titles or thumbnails.

A lot of valuable tips on how to develop own yt channel you can find in our youtube guide

Edit your video through YouTube

You don’t have to purchase all these fancy, expensive after effect software to get a great result. If you don’t need anything fancy, you can use in built enchancement feature to get your editing done directly from the platform. It has list of features, like adding and changing your audio, trimming and blurring parts of the videos, as well as applying filters. You can use it on already uploaded videos but only up to 100k views (unless you are in partnership program). You can always use the blurr feature, as YouTube takes care of people’s privacy.

Turn your video into GIF

Few years back it wasn’t that easy to create GIF. You would need a specialized software and sometimes the files would be way too big in size than they should be. Nowadays you can do it using online tools. You can turn any YouTube video into a GIF, by simply adding “gif” before the link, for example gifyoutube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI would take you to the menu where you could easily select part of the video you want to turn into GIF, crop it, add captions and even make it go reverse. Go ahead and try it, making GIFs is one way to make viral videos.

Add ending screen with related videos

Have you seen these videos, where at the end another video popped up in a frame, so you could click on it to get right through it? There is an easy way to access that feature. This may encourage your viewer to go further through your channel and experience more of your content. In order to do this, you want to go to the Video Manager, click on edit and select End screen & Annotations from the drop down menu. You will now access End screen creator studio, where the magic happens. Don’t be afraid to play around with it for a while to get used to it, as it may be strong tool in your hands when optimizing your channel.

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Add sound effects and copyright free songs

YouTube has huge library when it comes to audio. You can add it if you had troubles with selecting your audios in past. In order to do so, open your Creator Studio, then create and choose Audio Library. Here you can start browsing everything that library has for you, there are various sound effects and songs to choose from. You can search by categories or just use keyword search option. Once you’ve found your desired audio, you can download it and use however you like, not only on YouTube.

Create events

If you already have some fanbase, it’s important to keep interacting with your community. Great way to do that is by interacting on comments. You can do that by responding to these in text or in your videos – the second option is more time consuming but it creates strong bond with your viewers. Another, even more powerful option is to go live and chat with your people. The livestream option will be discussed in much greater detail in another article, but let’s focus now on create event option. It gives you more control over your livestream as you can preview it and let people know that you will be streaming in certain time so they know ahead and can arrange time to participate.

360 no scope

Immersive videos, 360-degree videos, spherical videos – call them what you want but the idea is simple, you shoot a video that you can rotate or spline together so you have 360 vision all around the camera. You can get that effect either by using omnidirectional camera or set of camers. Why is it so cool? You can catch some pretty nice views as panorama

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Getting 360 shots for your normal vlog in living room may not be the most effective idea for a video, but when you actually have some nice views this can create amazing effect and astonish your viewers. 360 cameras prices went down lately, so you you seriously think about how to promote your youtube channel, you should follow our blog as we will soon post something more about these.

Keyboard shortcuts

This is rather for watching videos than for youtube subscriber hack but it’s cool to know some shortcuts implemented by YouTube.

  • 0-9 – pressing these keys will take you to percentage time of the video, for example if you press 6 then you will jump to 60% of video.
  • Spacebar or K will make the video stop
  • L – forwards video 10 seconds 
  • J – rewinds it for same amount of time as L
  • Right arrow – forward 5 seconds
  • Left arrow – backward 5 seconds
  • Up and down – respectively increases and decreases volume by 5%
  • Shift > or < – increase or decrease speed of the video
  • Shift p – previous video in your playback
  • Shift n – next video in your playback
  • F – fullscreen
  • Esc – exit fullscreen

These are some nice things to do as sometimes it may be not comfortable for you to play with the mouse, or when you left it somewhere around.

You can check out some more info here.

Learning the copyrights

You may sometimes wonder what stuff can you put in your videos, when is it right to show someone’s face or to blur it out, what about the music? About the registered trade marks? Can I show this bottle of coca cola or will they sue me? Unless you are a lawyer it’s hard to follow all of these laws and actually respect them and you may not like going through books of paragraphs just to find out about whether you can make a video review of this new pen or not. Don’t worry though – YouTube creators are smart and they have created Copyright Basics for you which are presented by hillarious puppets. This is both educative and fun at the same time so we strongly encourage you to check out the embeded video so you will have an idea about how the copyright works. Have fun!

Summing things up

Becoming proficient at browsing throught YouTube and using the basic stuff is not a black magic since the interface and platform is quite intuitive, even for a person who has not much experience with surfing the web. Getting deep understanding of all the features provided to us is different story though. There are many ideas yet to be discussed but in this article we tried to cover up the most handy tools for improving your subscriber gain. You just need to buckle up and start testing stuff out. It may not be easy for the first time – as new stuff may be confusing but don’t be afraid and just go for it.