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Have you ever had a great idea to show other people, but had no idea how to do it? I remember when I was in high school and was passionate in learning video editing but I had nobody to show my work to since I was shy and awkward. Then one of my only friends told me I should totally upload it on YouTube, which I did after some time. I was refreshing my channel every 10 seconds to see if anyone have watched it but there was nothing. This was why I got mad at YouTube and other people and was almost about to delete my whole content and give up. I told myself, wait a second this whole thing won’t just destroy everything I loved and cared about, so I started digging into YouTube algorithms and found out best ways to get people know about my work. After a month there were more people watching my stuff than I could imagine before and I want to share with you how to promote your channel and get free YouTube subscribers.