How to become popular on YouTube [5 useful tips]

How to become popular on YouTube [5 useful tips]

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Basics of YouTube marketing

It’s not a mystery that people always choose fun over boredom. That’s why internet users love the YouTube. Just imagine a situation where you want to find out something about certain topic for example math. You could go to the library, find some textbook and start studying. Most likely you will get bored instantly or fall asleep after 5 minutes. But now imagine that you find a video on YouTube on the same topic made by someone who puts it out in a fun way, making fun metaphors and being passionate about it. Which one sounds better? Of course, the second one. But YouTube isn’t only about learning new stuff. It’s also a fun way to spend your free time, you can watch funny videos, listen to music or discover some new topic you didn’t even know that existed before. For this reason so many people are wondering how to become popular on YouTube. More informations here.

How to get big youtube channel?

how to become popular on YouTube

First and foremost, you need to identify your needs. What are your purposes? What do you want to achieve?

For example, you may want to reduce the amounts of helpline calls by putting a instructional video.

Think about that, run a brainstorm meeting with your partners, analyze your situation. Do you need to find more customer through the web or have better conversion ratio (viewers/buyers)?

Make specific plans

Now take a sheet of paper or open a text editor on your computer and write down your goals. Think about when do you want to achieve it and how much time do you want to spend on getting popular channel on YouTube.


Choose specific group

Sit down and think about the group of people you want to address with your video. You want to make video about make up reviews and guides? Your group of choice would be teenage and adolescent girls, and you need to aim for their attention. Cars and repairs? Probably 30+ men.


Choose your strategy on how to become popular on YouTube

Make a short or long term plan and stick to it. The decision of short term or long term may be helpful with choosing platform you want to move by.

Although most popular, YouTube isn’t the only video platform you may want to work with. Facebook videos are also quite popular, especially combined with share option. Same goes to Twitter and Instagram, you may want to think about that.

Focus on the content

The content of your videos should be motivated by other decisions mentioned before. What do you want to achieve with this certain clip? Is it gaining more subscribers and make you become popular on YouTube? Is it the amount of new people finding out about your business? This may be the key to choose the content.


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